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Boletus Edulis Funghi Porcini

Boletus edulis Dried mushrooms, without preservatives or colorings.

Dried mushrooms, without preservatives or colorings.

edulisLatin edulis, “edible”, this is one of the most appreciated for its well-defined (“sweet like hazelnuts”) flavor and texture. Often it used both cooked and canned.
The flesh of this mushroom is white and brown pulling compact both in the hat and foot, but the older specimens often show a softer flesh.
The shape of this mushroom is very characteristic, perhaps similar to a plug cava. The hat is meaty and solid, more or less dark brown with distinctly lighter than the other edge. The stand is sturdy, thick, full and solid. It can reach considerable dimensions and foot acquire the same height.
You can find very often in forests of pine, beech, oak, chestnut and among thickets. It is marketed fresh in autumn in central and southern Europe.
Some recipes: Grilled Boletus edulis, porcini risotto, cream of porcini, porcini croquettes.


Boletus edulis